Family Wellness Beyond Family Day By: Dr. Silvia Villani

As Family Day approaches, I reflect on my nurturing family as well as the many opportunities I’ve had growing up in Canada. I’m especially grateful that my family has enjoyed access to a great health care system of both medical and paramedical services.

In today’s busy world with trying to balance work and family life, we often put the care and health of our children or our aging parents ahead of our own. This is certainly admirable. However, I believe a comprehensive family wellness plan should be followed.

Family wellness means having everyone on board to achieve well-being as a unit. One member who takes on the lead role must encourage the others to collaborate in this endeavor.

What to do as a family? Select a day when all or most family members are available.  Book a family massage for relaxation, attend a group yoga session to learn as a family how to deal with stress. Or, together, learn how to cook healthy meals – I would suggest booking a family session with a dietitian and shopping afterwards for healthier food choices. Other examples might include getting active together by finding a local trail and going for a hike, joining a family swim class or skating at your local community centre.

As a result, not only will the family cohesion be stronger, quality of living and general wellness will also improve considerably.