Care for Expectant Mothers

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During pregnancy, the pelvis carries the weight of the fetus. Due to increase in hormones, weight gain & protruding abdomen and postural adaptation during this time, several surrounding structures including the sacro-iliac joints and its ligaments become very lax and frequently move out of place causing increased pain.

How Chiropractic care can help:

Chiropractic care can help restore proper alignment using gentle manipulation and mobilization techniques to restore joint motion, and decrease back and joint pain and muscle spasm. Several soft tissue techniques can be used as well. Also, gentle stretching can be provided in office with exercises that can be done at home. Advice on proper sleeping postures is provided as well.

Dr. Villani is proficient in the Webster Technique. The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment to correct sacral misalignment in order to restore proper function in the pelvis.  During pregnancy, it is common for women to report having difficulties with low back pain.  This can be due to sacral and SI joint segmental dysfunction.  Weight gain causes demand and fatigue on spinal and pelvic muscles, stress on spinal and pelvic ligaments, joint stress and vertebral and sacroiliac joint misalignments.  Many women who received chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy state that they experienced relief of pain and discomfort, and had improvements in their mood and sleep.
Dr. Villani has completed post-graduate courses to enhance her skills on specific gentle techniques for pregnant mothers and children.

After delivery, chiropractic care may be necessary to restore normal spinal biomechanics  because hormones change and our joints tend to become more rigid.  Also, activities such as lifting the baby, bending, and poor breastfeeding postures may all result in pain and dysfunction. Dr. Villani can provide safe, effective, drug-free manual care to relieve pain by decreasing pressure on joints, muscles, and nerves of the spine and pelvis.

Other services we provide for expectant or post-partum mothers:

For some pregnant women, as the fetus grows, pressure on the veins causes leg and ankle discomfort, swelling, varicose veins, and spider veins, which can pose a great challenge. We often recommend compression hosiery to help with this swelling. In addition, it is important to wear proper footwear to enhance body mechanics and help with back, hip, knee and ankle pain due to the increased load you are carrying in front of your body. We supply custom orthotics to address these issues.
Massage therapy can be a very relaxing therapy for pregnant women and new mothers. In addition, massage reduces anxiety, decreases symptoms of depression, relieves muscle aches and joint pains, improves headaches, improves swelling, and helps attain better sleep.  The massage therapists at Woodbridge Avenue Chiropractic and Wellness Centre are trained in providing safe, effective massage treatments to pregnant women.  Physiotherapy can also help rehabilitate from injury – such as for wrist pain and swelling. Nutritional counselling can also be of benefit when it comes to healthy and safe eating for you and your baby – prior to, during, and after pregnancy.

Other advice for expectant and post-partum mothers:

1.    Move as much as possible. Regular exercise can help reduce stress, improve sleep and mood, and reduces the risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension.  If you weren’t active before your pregnancy, it may not be advisable to start anything new. Walking, Swimming, stationary cycling are all good activities to do on a daily basis.
2.    Proper footwear is also very important as our centre of gravity shifts we become off balance and it becomes easy to fall – choose flat, comfortable and supportive shoes.
3.    Having a well-balanced and nutritious diet is very important for both mom and developing baby.  Eat frequent small meals to help keep nausea at bay. Supplement if needed and always keep hydrated.
4.    Massage Therapy and Acupuncture can also help to relive stress and unnecessary tension.
5.    It is important to avoid any heavy lifting and carrying other children.
6.    Get plenty of rest and take a nap if necessary.
7.    Keep feet elevated when seated for long periods of time in order to reduce swelling to the lower limbs.
8.    Try to sleep on your left side using a full length body pillow for ultimate comfort.