Care for Seniors

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The average life expectancy is 83 years old! By 2021, one in five Canadians will be 65 and older. We are definitely living longer than generations past, and those who are in good health will be able to enjoy those years.
As we age, our joints, muscles, and ligaments become weak and we are unable to withstand normal stresses. As a result, pain from degeneration results and causes increased healing time. Chiropractic care gives you a natural treatment option for pain and discomfort.

Chiropractic care has proven to be very beneficial for the aging population by helping to:

  • manage pain
  • increase mobility and range of motion in joints
  • improve balance and coordination
  • increase flexibility and strength
  • decrease the incidence of falls, and
  • increase overall independence, health and wellbeing
  • improve sleep quality and feel more energized

Many seniors 65 + seek chiropractic care for complaints of arthritic pain, sciatic nerve pain, shoulder pain, etc. Whether you’re seeking care for pain, returning to an activity, keeping up with grandchildren, or for overall health and wellness, chiropractic care is beneficial to enjoy and maintain an independent, long, active life.
Chiropractic care for seniors is gentle, safe, and effective. At Woodbridge Avenue Chiropractic & Wellness Centre, we use gentle manipulation/mobilization techniques, massage techniques, acupuncture, modalities such as TENS, ultrasound, heat, and stretching and strengthening exercises.

Other treatment options offered to seniors at Woodbridge Avenue Chiropractic & Wellness Centre include:

  • Massage Therapy for relief of aches and pains
  • Physiotherapy for rehabilitation from injury
  • Acupuncture for pain relief
  • Chiropody services for all your foot care needs such as corns/callus, nail care, heal and arch pain, and diabetic foot care
  • Nutritional advice for maintaining a healthy weight as you age

By taking care of our bodies as we age, we have a much greater chance of living longer and healthy lives.

5 Tips for Seniors:

1. Exercise Your Brain – cross word puzzles, bingo, card games all help to keep our brains sharp.

2. Exercise Your Body – 30 minutes of activity per day is necessary to keep our bones strong and to improve our cardiovascular fitness. Activities such as walking, dancing, swimming, or stationary cycling are all beneficial. To improve strength, muscle tone, range of motion, flexibility, balance and coordination, try activities such as tai chi, yoga, or pilates.

3. Visit Your Chiropractor – Chiropractic care helps keep our muscles, joints, and ligaments mobile and functioning properly. Chiropractic is a gentle, safe, effective and non-invasive treatment option for overall health and wellbeing.

4. Eat A Well-Balanced Meal & Keep Hydrated – eat fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and increase your fibre intake. Avoid processed foods and supplement if necessary. Try to add more water to your diet to keep your body hydrated.

5. Keep A Positive Attitude – Keep life’s stresses at bay by surrounding yourself with family and friends and find activities that improve your overall mood. Get out for a coffee, volunteer, or find a class at the local community centre.