Heal your Cracked Heels By: Rebecca Suen

It’s that time of year again, where your feet become extremely dry, itchy and cracked. Here is a brief FAQ on cracked heels.

What is it?

  • Also known as fissures
  • Can present as :
    • Dry, flaky skin formation on the outer edge of your heel that can form painful and deep cracks which often bleed, and/or
    • Thick calluses, which split open due to the increased pressure that can bleed

What causes it?

  • Dehydration – are you drinking enough water in the colder months?
  • Seasonal dryness (i.e winter) – or a dry climate
  • Barefoot walking and wearing open sandals
  • Lack of sweating or sweat glands
  • Pressure on your feet from being overweight
  • Thick calluses that haven’t been treated and the skin cracks open
  • Excessive soaking of feet in warm water

Treatment options:

  • Your chiropodist/podiatrist can recommend a high-quality moisturizer that can be purchased at your local drug store OR provide and prescribe moisturizers  that are more intensive to treat your feet
  • After your shower, put cream on and cover with socks.
  • Avoid going barefoot and open back sandals
  • Routine scalpel reduction and sanding of the affected area
    • Pedicure establishments SHOULD NOT be reducing your calluses with the “cheese grater” as they are not medically trained to manage complications such as performing sutures (stitches) and wound care if complications should arise.
    • Visit a chiropodist/podiatrist for safe management of your fissures. Never try reducing a fissure yourself with a razor blade as serious injury or infections can occur.

Note: All of our instruments are sterilized by an Autoclave.